New beginnings

Hello and welcome back to my new and improved website. Last semester for my Informática 103 class at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón I created a blog under the name “Magic Is Forever”, which was mostly used to post class assignments and Disney related content.

This year I decided to expand my horizons and create a more diverse blog where I can talk about not only Disney, but whatever pops into my mind that has to do with art, literature, languages, history, films and pop culture. However, I’ll also be posting assignments for my new class Informática 115, where I’ll be learning how to use, create and explore new medias and social media platforms.

[Source: via Giphy]

As my first assignment of the year, my team and I will focus on the “How Your Social Media Reputation Might Effect Your Personal and Professional Life”, basing it off countless stories and advises professionals give us about thinking twice before you post something that might effect negatively online and offline. Nothing is ever erased or kept private on the Internet, that’s why we always have to careful and maintain a respectful social media presence.

[Source: inf115 Trailer 2017 by Antonio Vantaggiato ]

What is The Prinzessita?

If you used to follow me before, you must be wondering why I changed my website’s identity. Long story short, “The Prinzessita” is who I am, I’m not just a Disney fan nor just a responsible student (*cough* nerd *cough*), I’m more than that. As I said before, I’m a person who’s passionate about many things in life, whether it’s talking about the latest Hamildrop or analyzing a movie scene, I’ll be sharing them with the love and dedication each one of my posts deserves.

This blog is dedicated to not only Disney fans, but also those who are interested in learning about diverse topics and sharing their opinion about the latest pop culture, history and travel trends. As a writer, my goals are to post every week about these diverse themes with a different point of view that reflects my personal beliefs and passions. I want to be open to discovering new things and getting to know what others believe in as well.

If you’d like to read more about my new website, here’s a link to help you understand what this new journey is about. If you’re interested in talking or following me on social media this link can help you contact me and keep you updated on my latest posts.

Thank you all very much for always supporting me and I hope you enjoy my future content.

‘Til next time!

[Featured Image Source: The Prinzessita by Natalia M. Bonilla Licensed by CC]


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