In life there are many crossroads, things could either go one way or another. Often I find myself thinking about what it be like if I had chosen the other path, mostly because I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to choose again.

What if… what if I had chosen to eat cereal instead of a pancake? What if I had listened to a new song rather than the same old Taylor Swift album? What if I had been brave enough to tell you truth?

Would it had changed your mind? Would you had been mine?

Reflecting deeply upon it, it’s merely impossible. Our crossroads don’t exist, they don’t intertwined, they’re a straight single line with no space for another. We’d have to cross a million obstacles to get near each other, stray off the road… but is it worth?

No matter what trail we follow, I still think we’d end up taking different directions. However, I still sit here and wonder, what if? What if I had said something that night? What if we had told each other what we really meant? What if we had let go of our fears and took the chance?


[Source: El Morro by Natalia Marie]

The real answers are clear, but my wildest dreams are better. If I had found out sooner how my heart felt, I wouldn’t had avoided the signs you were constantly giving me with that beautiful smile, those gorgeous eyes, your laugh, your insanely goofy laugh. I’d taken your questions more and more seriously, I’d think deeper of their meaning.

Time would had been irrelevant for one or two hours, because tomorrow wouldn’t had mattered. At least we had that night, we had it just to ourselves to confess our love, hopes, dreams, fears, future. Tomorrow doesn’t exists, it be avoided for the longest, but even if our eyes slipped and woke to the morning sun, we wouldn’t be asking ourselves: What if?

The truth would had set us free! It would had revealed so many answers, secrets. Perhaps I’d discover it was only my imagination playing games whenever our eyes were locked with each other or when I heard the others whisper what we didn’t see.

Nevertheless, here I am pretending like nothing had happened and every day and night I keep asking myself the same question: What if?

Choosing the other path may had led to a scary ending, scarier for you than myself, I know how I’d react to either of your answers. Calm and cool, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea, I’d be sleeping better, because I wouldn’t think of the possibilities of you and me.


[Source: El Morro by Natalia Marie]

[Feautured Image Source: Vista Desde La Plaza by Natalia Marie]


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