Be Careful With What Your Children Are Watching

A few weeks ago on Informática 115 class with professor Antonio Vantaggiato  we discussed the following video:

[Source: The nightmare videos of childrens’ YouTube — and what’s wrong with the internet today | James Bridle by TED published on Jul 13, 2018 on YouTube Licensed by CC]

The first video is about the not so family content children are watching on YouTube. Since the era of iPhones parents have been given their kids these gadgets to entertain themselves with age “appropriate” apps and learning videos.

Recently, parents have discovered that some of the videos their children are watching are filled with disturbing content, which I will not post here for the sake of this blog. At first it may seem as an innocent video, but once you start listening to what these characters are saying or doing it all just seems wrong.

For example, take a happy and kind character like Mickey Mouse, a family friendly cartoon owned by Disney. Imagine if Mickey Mouse is the star of this YouTube video, seems innocent enough right? I mean, he’s a Disney character, of course he’s going to be his funny self in this!

However once you start watching the video that isn’t produced by Disney, you can hear and see these weird stuff going on screen like Mickey holding Minnie at gun point… yup, I know. What the heck?

The thing that Mickey isn’t the only character that appears doing these things, there’s a bunch of cartoons like Spiderman, Elsa, Sponge Bob and more being featured in these twisted odd explicit adult content. And I use the word “adult” loosely, because no one in their right mind would consider this something fun to watch.

The worst part of this is that when parents start to notice these things, sometimes they’re just too late. Their children start screaming and crying when you take the phone away. It’s super scary how they’re developing an addiction (not sure if this the right word to use?) and being sucked into this violent and sexual world with their favorite cartoon characters that shouldn’t be doing this.

My advice for y’all is too keep an eye on what your children are watching and if it gets to a point where they’re screaming and crying, sit down with them and explain what’s going on. Children are smart and they’ll understand you if you teach them about the dangers of these videos.

I do not encourage parents to give their children cellphones. Although, if you’re going to do it, download Netflix, Hulu or Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+ and set it to kid friendly content and let them watch as many movies and series as they want (please don’t though, let them go outside and play) without the risk of being exposed to adult stuff.

[Featured Image Source: Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash ]


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