Summer love, what a romantic movie plot. It’s easy to read, predict, the film doesn’t even have to start to know how it might end. A boy meets a girl and they fall deeply in love, they spend one day together and somehow that was enough to discover that they’re meant to be.

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Nevertheless, movies aren’t accurate. If you’ve ever had the chance to experience this summer love then you’d know the plot is more complicated than Allie having to move back to the city. Doesn’t matter how many letters Noah might write, or whether she received them or not, without each other’s presence they were missing a part of their relationship.

On the summer of 2019, I fell in love with a boy who’s been part of my life for three summers. The first summer being the one where we met and became close friends, the second when we realized there might be something and the third…Oh, the third. That’s a special one, it’s the one where we fell in love.

Films don’t say this, but when you fall in love there’s a lot of doubts. Not unhealthy doubts, more like a mechanism your mind sets in order to protect yourself from getting hurt. As I started this relationship, I became scared of the future, I became scared that I didn’t love him enough or, more likely, that I wasn’t enough.

I’ve become scared of this new and unfamiliar journey. There’s opinions and pressures we don’t want to hear, there are voices that say “Oh, well. They’re just summer lovebirds, nothing more can come out.” And half of it is true, we are summer lovers, we don’t live in the same neighborhood nor go to the same college, and we’re miles and miles apart.

However, I think the only thing these movies have gotten right is the power of love. The question is not whether the relationship is easy or possible, it’s more like are you willing to fight for it, are you willing to love this person unconditionally and risk everything for them? If you’d ask me, I’d say yes. Yes to everything. Yes to him, yes to us, yes to every beautiful and tragic moments we’ll live together. What the future holds will forever be unknown, I will never be sure if I have a future with him, but what I am sure of is my love for him and that I will always love him, my summer love, without any regrets, doubts, anything.

A piece of my heart belongs to him. Forever.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. It makes my heart beat fast to hear these words come out of my love. You will always have my love; beyond a summer love. Thank you for making me smile and bringing new light to my life.

    Yours truly.

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