Dear Prince Edward (p.1)

Oh, dear, sweet, confused prince... you and I don't have a love story, it's more like a comedy, a non-romantic comedy nobody would want to read. When something isn't right or meant to be, God shows us signs. Unfortunately, I ignored them all when I met you. A tall, handsome and well dressed man, that's [...]


Dear Prince Eric (p.2)

One day, one night, that's all we had together. In a dark cove, admiring the stars' bright performance, surrounded by plenty of fish in the sea, we spent the night together talking about the silliest things, pretending it wouldn't be our last. At least that's what I did, I pretended not to think about the [...]

Dear Prince Charming (p.1)

My first love, my first heartbreak. It's been a long time since I've thought of you. The memories of our time together hasn't fade away from my mind. [Source: via Giphy] On a cold afternoon, I asked Fairy Godmother if I could meet you, you specifically, because I've developed a crush on the handsome [...]