Dear Prince Edward (p.3)

Friends, they are all you'll ever need. They're what keeps us looking forward to waking up, going to work, having lunch with them, talking about our hopes and dreams and perhaps even make fun of our crazy wedding ideas where everything is tragically pink with a unicorn as the centerpiece (just my wedding idea, obviously). [...]

Dear Prince Edward (p.2)

What's a date? What makes a date a date? Is it the way you ask someone? Their intentions? I wouldn't know, I've never experienced it nor was I expecting do it by accident. [Source: Tumblr via Giphy] A magic mirror wide and tall decorated the center of a darkened room, where it's moving lights entertained [...]

Dear Prince Charming (p.1)

My first love, my first heartbreak. It's been a long time since I've thought of you. The memories of our time together hasn't fade away from my mind. [Source: via Giphy] On a cold afternoon, I asked Fairy Godmother if I could meet you, you specifically, because I've developed a crush on the handsome [...]